CulturedSF is subversive food and all things cultured.

Think blackberry honey yogurt, creamy goat cheese with borage flowers and herbs or hand foraged nettles in lemon ricotta ravioli.

I grow food and forage for it. I culture foods because they taste good and have a complexity that most processed food doesn’t have.

Finally, the subversive part: Corporations can’t charge me for the sun, rain or the soil I create. I have fun picking and eating tasty weeds .

I have a yen for the fancier things in life, but I’m too cheap to buy them. Makes sense to make ‘em myself don’t ya think?

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Shrub Shots



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Harvest Day, My Steer

Since I have been so inspired by Farmstead Meatsmith, I thought I’d tell the story of the harvest day for my grass fed steer. For some time now I’ve been moving closer and closer to the sources of my food. Fruit and vegetables from farmers markets and my own garden-no problem. Meat was a real [...]

Farmstead Meatsmith – A Meat Manifesto

I recently attended a screening of Andrew Plotsky’s videos for Farmstead Meatsmith called Pork Provender in the Home Kitchen. Plotsky states that the videos he made with Farmstead Meatsmith of Vashon Island WA are the closest thing he has come to making art that expresses a manifesto. Watching them last night at 18 reasons, they seemed [...]